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Take the advantage of a VPN server with XPoint !

How It Works ?


VPN means Virtual Private Network

VPN server is a server on which your computer can connect through it, then, all browsing and all the datas that is transfered between your computer and the rest of the world are crypted and protected by the VPN server
You geolocation change, and so your real IP adress. In this way, your connection est fully hidden from all websites, mails you receive and send, applications that you also use.

Example: If you are actually in Los Angeles, and you want to connect on a VPN server located in Paris, it's exactly like you are geolocated in Paris. precisely, your IP adress will be the one of the VPN server, then, your geolocation will be the one of the VPN server that you've chosen.

Installation of a VPN server doesn't take more than 3 minutes whatever the device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or router)

What's the advantages of a VPN server ?

Included with Xpoint:

Des serveurs ultra rapides 100MBPS et 1000 MBPS

Choose your geolocation. Xpoint have lots of VPN servers through the world

Protect all the data that travels between your computer and the rest of the world.

Hide your IP adress wherever you are.

Access all the rectricted video content of some specific countries

Connect an unlimited number of devices in the same time !

Download all the application forbidden in you country.

Hide your geolocation regardless of the system you use.

Xpoint does not require any installation of application, you just have to set up your VPN in your operating system following our tutorials for all platforms in few seconds.

Xpoint is compatible with all computers, smartphones, tablets, board computers..

Xpoint can be connected from any operating system.

Register to any website of poker an play on games exclusively reserved to players of their own country.

Play video games on foreign servers, enjoy a better ping !

Stay anonymous as long as you are connected

Enjoy a very hight speed bandwidth (1Gbps), a very reduced ping and one of the fastest connection speed.

Why choose Xpoint ?

The price

Xpoint is one the cheaper VPN server provider in the market.
. For only 5€ per month, you can surf on the net removing barriers of all geographic restrictions and being fully protected.

We provide an accessible customer service

Our Support is available 24/7 on Facebook Live, by internal messaging and by mail.
Don't hesitate to contact us for any technical question.

The true meaning of unlimited

We emphasize on the unlimited, because with us, all is unlimited ! The bandwidth, the number of devices connected in the same time, the speed, no one restriction of number of connections on any of our VPN servers.


Xpoint is a provider of VPN servers fully secured. A confidentiality and perfect persistency of your connection and all the flow of data in upload and download. Xpoint use a RSA certificate that match a key of 4096 bits with a hash SHA-256.

100% anonymous

You will have access to a simplified UI, and an account 100% anonymous.
Xpoint does not require any personal information from you except your email and a password.

La Garantie 30 Jours Satisfait ou Remboursé

If you are not 100% satisfied of our VPN servers, you just have to contact the customer support by message or email and you will be fully refunded. No question asked !