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VPN Servers List
in Europe and USA

France (Paris)
France (Paris)
Paris #1
France (Valenciennes)
Valenciennes #1
1 GBPS !
Germany (Frankfurt)
Frankfurt #fast
Netherland (Amsterdam)
Amsterdam #1
England (London)
London #1
United States (New-york)
New-york #1
United States (San Francisco)
San-francisco #1
Israël (Tel-Aviv)
Tel-aviv #1
Une douzaine de nouveaux serveurs VPN sont prévus d'ici à la fin de l'année 2022
Don't hesitate to see our quick tutorials to install your VPN server

Switch servers unlimited

Switch any of our VPN server to another one limitless ! Geolocate yourself from Paris to London passing by New-York in one click ! You can switch a location to another without additional fees.

Full Speed

Our VPN servers don't have any bandwidth limit. The speed of bandwidth will be only limited from your own internet connection. We don't restrict any speed limit in any of our servers.

unlimited means unlimited

Our VPN servers are unlimited in every sense of the word. The bandwidth (download/upload, the speed and the connection time and also the number of devices are unlimited. You could connect every devices simultaneously.

We make your like easier

Xpoint make your life easier with simple and quick tutorials to install the VPN server of your choice. We have one tutorial per platform in order to allow you to connect and protect every devices you own with no restrictions.

Safety comes first

No application to install or any software. Xpoint is a VPN server service to install directly into your operating system. From that fact, no risk of bug or sudden closure of application, you stay connected without being worried.